More information about PSTIF Online Application to Participate or Renew Coverage

You will need to have an account.

This account will require a valid email address where you would like all electronic correspondence to be sent to at your company. It will also require you to setup a password.
You will need to decide which sites you wish to file electronically and have those policy numbers available when you are ready to sign up for online processing.

Please note that you can sign up additional policies later on, as well.
You will need to agree to perform all processing online for each site you are insuring with the PSTIF.

This means you complete your application online, submit all supporting documents (such as leak detection records, deductible information, etc.) online as PDF or JPEG files, correspond with us online, and pay your participation fees online.
After creating an account, you can now assign your existing policies to your account and choose a processing option for each policy. Once this is completed, your insured sites are signed up.

If you then go to the "Manage Policies" section, you will see a listing of the insured sites that you have chosen to be managed online and if any of these insured sites need to be renewed.
If you are ready to get started, click here to create an account.

If you think you may want to use this online feature, but need some additional information before getting started, please view the following archived online seminar:

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